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Fall Semester Brings a New Requirement for Michigan High School Students: Personal Finance Class

We all know the importance of managing our finances, but did you know that most high school students graduate without formal education? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many students across the country, but only for a short time. Michigan high school students will now be required to take a personal finance class starting in the fall semester. This is a big step towards ensuring that students are financially literate and prepared for adulthood.

As the cost of living continues to rise, it’s more important than ever for young people to understand the basics of personal finance. From budgeting and saving to investing and managing debt, personal finance skills are crucial for making sound financial decisions and achieving long-term financial stability. And yet, despite the apparent importance of these skills, many students are leaving high school without the knowledge they need to manage their money effectively.

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Find Time For Yourself During The Holidays Too

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, and lots of festivities. But for many people, it can be a time of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. With the demands of shopping, decorating, parties and other activities, it can be difficult to find time to take care of yourself during the holidays.

But it is important to take some time for yourself during the holidays. Not only will it give you a chance to relax and unwind, but it can also help boost your mood and reduce stress. So how can you find time for yourself amidst the holiday chaos? Here are a few tips.

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A New Dad Can Get Postnatal Depression Too – Dadbooster Looks To Be a Game Changer

While I have previously written about postpartum depression in new dads, I think mental health is ALWAYS an important topic, so when something comes across the wire covering this, I love highlighting it. Now out of Australia comes a world-first specialized web-based treatment program, Dadbooster, for depressed or anxious fathers. It hopes to ensure new dads meet their mental health needs by reducing moderate to severe symptoms of postnatal depression.

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Dads Can Organize The Family Calendar Too

It’s no secret that as parents, we have a lot on our shoulders throughout the day regarding our kids and schedule. We have our personal lives to manage, our work lives, our kids’ lives, our kids’ appointments, our appointments, the list could go on. That must mean both parents are shouldering the organizational weight, right? Not quite, according to a recent tweet that went viral.

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Life’s Moments – The Podcast is Back!

One of the great mediums of content creation these days is podcasting. In order to expand the reach of what I am planning on building here, I wanted to also revamp the former Script-Notes Show, into The Mitten Dad Show. Admittedly, it’s been a little while since I last published an episode, so there may be some rust, but I think you’ll appreciate the story that I had to share in the first episode of being back, called Life’s Moments.

If you weren’t a prior subscriber to The Script-Notes Show, I would definitely appreciate a like and subscribe to the podcast if you feel so inclined. Of course, like many other podcasts like to say, if you also feel so inclined to leave a five star review on your favorite platform if that is in option, I would greatly appreciate that as well, as that helps with reach.

As mentioned in the show notes and episode, I am looking to make this a collaborative effort as well (as well as on the site here too), so if you are open to sharing your life’s moments, tips, stories, and more, I would love to feature it, so indeed be sure to reach out! Thank you, as always, for your support!

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New Studies Show a High Percentage of Postpartum Depression in Men

While improvements have been made, I think mental health is still a very under-covered topic regarding one’s overall well-being, particularly among men. We’re often told to “man up,” or “walk it off,” etc., but in the long run, that leads to more issues.

One area in mental health for men that can also go under-covered is postpartum depression. PPD as its known is often covered for women, and understandably so, but it’s essential to know that PPD can rear its head in men too.

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Father’s Day 2022: Highlighting Dad Food Blogs

Take a spin through Pinterest, and you’re bound to see no shortage of mom blogs, highlighting the ups and downs of parenthood, family recipes, and more. With Father’s Day 2022 upon us, Thrillist wanted to highlight a handful of “dad blogs” (like the one you’re reading right now) that have now started to get in on the fun – providing anything from usable tips and tricks for raising mindful eaters, to recipes for getting creative with lunch boxes, as well as a host of birthday party snacks.

First up is Derek Campanile’s Dad With a Pan. He initially started the project as a hobby, but what began as a hobby has now grown to a following of more than 50k on his social media channels.

“I have had a tremendous passion for food and cooking since I was young,” he said. “I remember my mother teaching me how to cook eggs at age 8 and, ever since, I’ve always loved learning new recipes and constantly tweaking favorites to see if I can make them better.”

His blog revolves around the recipes he makes along with his young son and daughter, Brayden and Makenzie, in their Southern California home. Dishes have included anything from brisket mac and cheese and steak and egg tostadas to friend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and grilled s’more cookies.

Growing up, we always gathered at the dinner table every night, enjoying mom’s cooking or dad’s barbecue. Now that I’m a father, I see the importance of having the same routine and I want to instill that in my kids by not making it a chore, but something they look forward to.
Derek Campanile

This is a great point. I think cooking at home can certainly provide many benefits, both financially, but also as a way to create memories with others, and allows kids to get creative as well.

Nick Evans, based in Denver, had been documenting his recipes more so out of necessity when his then-girlfriend claimed to not be “very fond of cooking.” In 2008, Macheesmo was then born as a way of helping both men and women sharpen their chops and build confidence in cooking, and readers can now find more than 2k recipes on his page. Nick even has a book out called, Love Your Leftovers, pictured below:

Readers can find a multitude of ways to best reuse food – like taking a roast chicken and making delicious chicken tortilla soup or creamy chicken pesto pasta or even a flank steak becoming spicy beef wontons or Vietnamese noodle salad.

The best reward though for Evans? Being able to become even more present as a parent. “I get to coach the soccer team and never miss a dance performance,” said Evans. “It makes everything a little easier on the family calendar.”

Over at Lunch Box Dad, Beau Coffren has found cooking to be a bonding moment over the last 10 years, ever since his daughter began kindergarten. Fast forward, the Oklahoma City-based dad has three kids, and with that an equal amount of lunchbox making.

I wanted her to take a special lunch to school and when she would look at it, it would let her know that I was thinking about her. I started the blog soon after that to keep a record of our lunches and to encourage other parents to cook meals for their kids.
Beau Coffren

Some of Coffren’s creations include everything from designing a kiwi to looking like Baby Yoda or even decorating a Babybel cheese to closely resemble the Spiderman logo.

It hasn’t all been a bed of roses and meals though.

“Blogging isn’t just taking a few photos,” said Campanile. “There is SEO keyword research, crafting all your social posts, and exploring video content creation – there’s a whole beast to tame there.”

“Sometimes, the overall experience can also be an isolating one,” said Evans. “But I’m very connected to thousands of readers and cooks all over the world via social media. The world is a huge place, and I find new people to connect with every single day and it’s wonderful.”

“There is an online community out there that is happy to come together and support each other,” said Coffron. “The internet doesn’t have to always be a dark space but it can be a space filled with love, support, and positivity too.”

I absolutely love that, and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to create Mitten Dad. I wanted to highlight and aggregate some of the best news and stories out there, and it’s great to see other dads wanting to do the same, spreading positivity. Hear hear.

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How To Prepare Financially For a Second Baby

Raising one child can certainly be expensive enough (but we all know that the experience of being a parent is priceless). However, when another baby is on the way, expanding your family from one to kids can come with a whole other set of financial planning aspects that you’ll want to take into consideration before delivery day.

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New App ‘DadPad’ Launched in UK To Help Dads and Dads-To-Be Prep for Fatherhood.

When it comes to the arrival of a new little one, there is no shortage of books geared toward moms and moms-to-be, like the infamous What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and more. However, some dads and dads-to-be may feel like they’re on the sideline when it comes to material available for what they might expect as well. A new app, while available in the UK for now, DadPad, hopes to change that.

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