Dad, How Do I? Seattle Dad Offers Practical Advice for Millions

As mentioned on the About page, I wanted to highlight the importance of being present in our children’s lives not just as dads, but really for any parent. With that, my goal with this site is to become a hub of stories that also highlights tips and hacks from fellow dads (as well as moms), making a difference and providing helpful information. Rob Kenney is a great example of this.

With that, I could not have been more tickled when perusing for topics to see Rob’s name pop up. Many of you may already be familiar with his YouTube series, but if not, I would highly recommend checking out Rob Kenney’s “Dad, How Do I?” channel. There is a lot of fantastic content on there! A lot of the videos may even be great refreshers as well.

A Seattle dad, Rob’s father left when he was young, so he didn’t have the father figure he needed when growing up according to King 5 in Seattle. Come April 2020, Rob was now a father of two, and thus got the inspiration for creating a YouTube video, sharing with the world how to tie a tie. Advice on his channel includes everything from patching drywall to making cookies, and more for all ages who may not have been fortunate enough to receive it when growing up.

Rob is now up to four million subscribers, and with a subsequent book deal, he had stopped by King 5’s station to chat more about his book, the importance of father figures as well as the personal experience that this has had on him.

Unfortunately, King 5 isn’t allowing YouTube playback at this time, so make sure to give the couple segment clips from his time on their show a watch. A very solid guy. Congrats on your successes Rob and for being a great example for all parents everywhere!

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Featured image credit to Rob Kenney, “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube Channel

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