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Coming Together To Discuss Fatherhood at The Barbershop

One of the nice things about getting your haircut at your local hair salon or barbershop is that conversations can often cover a wide selection of topics, such as sports, politics, and the like. It might even be therapeutic at times. But as a recent news story out of Durham points out, it can also bring out some of the best stories about fatherhood, its challenges, as well as its highlights.

Tony Craddock had asked while stopping by Paul’s Barbershop in Raleigh, “what are some of the traditions that your father taught you, that you’ve passed on to your child?”

“That’s a good one,” said barber Paul Engram. “Trying to pull people together. That was the role my daddy played in the family. He would always pull people together and I realized, in my group of friends, I was the one who pulled them together. So I learned my role, within my family and my friends.”

“You pass that on to your son as well?” Craddock asked.

“Trying,” replied Engram. “Definitely trying!”

North Carolina Fatherhood Conference

Engram’s barbershop is one of several that is taking part in Barbershop Buzz, ahead of the 9th annual Fatherhood Conference there.

“The North Carolina Fatherhood Conference will be held at the McKimmon Center at NC State University. It’s a free event this year, in person. We would like all fathers, and father figures to come out, participate,” said Craddock.

They’re expecting hundreds of participants next month from across North Carolina, including honors for a Father of the Year selected from essays that were written by middle and high school students. Organizers have said that it’s the 4th largest fatherhood conference in the nation.

Plans for the conference will get updates and its activities once June 18 gets closer.

I just thought that this was a neat story to highlight. For the father and father figures out there, what are some traditions that you have passed on to your offspring? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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