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5 Best Budgeting Apps for Couples in 2023: Plan Your Finances Together

Budgeting is super important, especially when you’re in a relationship. It can be tough to keep track of expenses, set financial goals, and stick to a budget. But don’t worry, technology has made it much easier to budget and manage money together. In this guide, we’re going to look at the best budgeting apps for couples and how they can help you achieve financial success.

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Fall Semester Brings a New Requirement for Michigan High School Students: Personal Finance Class

We all know the importance of managing our finances, but did you know that most high school students graduate without formal education? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many students across the country, but only for a short time. Michigan high school students will now be required to take a personal finance class starting in the fall semester. This is a big step towards ensuring that students are financially literate and prepared for adulthood.

As the cost of living continues to rise, it’s more important than ever for young people to understand the basics of personal finance. From budgeting and saving to investing and managing debt, personal finance skills are crucial for making sound financial decisions and achieving long-term financial stability. And yet, despite the apparent importance of these skills, many students are leaving high school without the knowledge they need to manage their money effectively.

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5 Fun Instant Pot Appetizer Ideas for New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to believe it’s almost New Year’s Eve! One of our favorite kitchen tools has always been the Instant Pot when looking for a quick meal. During the holidays, we always like to look to assemble some appetizers for the Eve of that night, be it Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Sometimes it can be difficult though to get the wheels turning for meal planning so here are some tasty appetizer ideas that you can easily make in your Instant Pot. From BBQ pulled pork sliders to spicy sausage and cheese dip, these appetizers are sure to be a hit with your guests.

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Is An Electric Car in Your Future?

If you’re above a certain income, you may wish to look into it soon.

Driving by a car dealership this year, you may have noticed a huge difference. The inventory of many lots were empty. While some dealerships are starting to stabilize a bit more, the fact remains that both new and used car supplies remain somewhat constrained, including electric vehicles. However, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act this year, your next EV or energy efficient upgrades may now be a little more affordable. Though if you meet a certain income bracket, you might want to look into taking the plunge now.

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3 Tips for Using Buy Now, Pay Later

The payment industry is evolving and with it, comes the emergence of buy now, pay later services. This new payment platform offers a fresh take on traditional financing options, allowing customers more control over how and when they pay for purchases. But, before you dive into using buy now, pay later, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

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Handling FOMO

Jonathan Pond, writing for Ponderings:

FOMO – fear of missing out – is a very real phenomenon that has been the subject of considerable research. FOMO is becoming even more acute thanks to social media and the speed with which information becomes disseminated. You hear about someone’s financial success or a big increase in the stock market and worry that you’re being left behind. This can lead to bad or at least ill-timed decisions. The same can be said for FOMO in declining markets where an investor may lament missing the opportunity to get out of bad investments before they plummeted.

Like most good habits, inoculating yourself against FOMO takes discipline. The day-to-day vacillations in the investment markets and the feelings of envy of those who apparently benefited mightily from some investments are going to get in the way of your otherwise sensible approach to your own financial life. Sure, some stock sectors or individual stocks hit it big in a single day, but these are the ones that usually lose as much or more soon thereafter. Who cares about the big winners, anyway? If you maintain a consistent approach to your investing and are prudent in your financial life, you’re almost bound to eventually be a big winner, leaving those afflicted with FOMO in the dust. 

While Mr. Pond may have been referring more to the stock market in this instance, I thought the timing was still great for this time of year, as we’re inundated with ads, emails and the like telling us “only 11 hours left for the greatest deal ever” or “such and such TV is on sale even though you just bought one last year,” etc. 

With that, how have you managed to avoid FOMO this holiday season or in general? Feel free to leave a comment below!