Hi there! I’m Matt Tilmann, the creator of Mitten Dad. Originally from Michigan, I had previously set out to create a blog, called Script-Notes, that was focused on finding ways to save readers money, with a take on personal finance, and other news tidbits, along with finding ways to help readers make a “note” in their life’s script.

However, we all know that life is indeed a journey, and since the inception of Script-Notes, things have changed. I have been able to take on one of life’s greatest roles in my own script. That of being a parent.

Enter – Mitten Dad.

One of the things “Michiganders” are known for is pointing out where we live on our hands, in the shape of a mitten, leading to the inspiration for the creation of this site. But also as any Midwesterner knows, we can be a unique bunch.

So, what can you expect to find here?

Michigan has much to offer, so from time to time you might expect to see some of my favorite things about my home state, be it parks to check out, favorite Midwest recipes, events, anecdotes, and more.

I am also fortunate enough to hold two degrees, the original in Theatre, and the latter in Accounting, so you can expect to see articles and postings on the arts and all things personal finance that I feel may be able to help you out along the way while promoting causes that I’m passionate about.

At its heart though, I want this to be a community for fatherhood. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in my first few years of being a father, it’s the importance of being present for our children. Put the screens down. Go for walks, play games, explore nature, you name it.

One of the joys of the Internet, is it can be a wonderful source of information, and unfortunately many of us may not have always had access to “how to do something” from our parents growing up.

We all have many gifts and talents to offer the world, so I look forward to this site being able to be a source of information for and from both moms and dads, as many times moms have also had to be the dad. It is my hope to build a sense of community as the world continues to evolve, along with what it means to be a parent. So I certainly welcome guest contributors as well! I will be evolving The Script-Notes Show podcast into here as well, so if you have an interest in contributing there too, please let me know!

If there’s another great article about fatherhood or parenthood, expect to find it here.

I expect this to be a living and breathing site, and willing to evolve over time, so certainly if there is anything that you feel would be helpful, or would like to see, definitely feel free to reach out!

Thanks again for visiting, and be sure to watch for deer. 🙂